H.U. Group

Our Business

The H.U. Group operates in the healthcare field, focusing on clinical laboratory testing and reagents. We are engaged in four main businesses: (1) Clinical Laboratory Testing Business (receive samples taken from patients at medical institutions to test for disease and confirm the condition of the patient's health); (2) In Vitro Diagnostics (develop, manufacture, and sell testing reagents and equipment inside and outside Japan); (3) Sterilization & Related Services Business (provide a range of medical-related services including sterilization); and (4) Emerging New Business & Others (new businesses for future growth).

Emerging New Business & Others

Business Segments

Clinical Laboratory Testing (CLT) Business
Clinical Laboratory Testing

The H.U. Group offers clinical laboratory testing services; collecting consigned specimens of patients from medical institutions, conducting analyses and reporting the test results back.

In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Business
In Vitro Diagnostics

The H.U. Group develops, manufactures and sales diagnostic products globally that are used at medical field for early detection and diagnosis.

Sterilization & Related Services
Sterilization & Related Services

Under Sterilization & Related Services, we perform a range of services, including on-site and off-site sterilization, surgical procedure support, endoscopic room support, and SPD services.

Emerging New Business & Others
Emerging New Business & Others

Our Emerging New Business & Others business is engaged in creating new businesses for future growth. These businesses include ventures in food, the environment, cosmetics testing, self-medication, and services through corporate health insurance associations.

Emerging New Business & Others
Research and Development

We are engaged in research and development (R&D) that aims to create new value.