Our Business

R&D (Research & Development)

H.U. Group Research Institute conducts corporate R&D functions for the group. Here, we engage in ongoing basic research giving rise to the seeds of future businesses. H.U. Group Research Institute works with companies and entities both within and outside the H.U. Group, creating innovations that provide breakthroughs that lead to long-term expansion, including new businesses and technologies that support the next generation of group growth.
At the same time, the R&D departments in our operating companies delve deeper into the technological foundations developed since our earliest days, upgrading and improving our products and services. These departments also work to commercialize the outcomes of research produced by the H.U. Group Research Institute to develop more highly competitive products and services.

The H.U. Group has established the H.U.Group Institutional Review Board as a body to conduct independent, neutral, and fair reviews related to clinical tests or research conducted at H.U. Group companies from the standpoint of ethics and science.

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