Sustainability at the H.U. Group

The H.U. Group Management Philosophy consists of three main declarations; Mission, Vision, and Values. We believe we can fulfill our sustainability through our business activities, which we base on our management philosophy. By means of this framework, we create strong relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, engaging in initiatives to solve social issues through our business activities.

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The H.U. Group announced key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets related to its sustainability activities as H.U. Group Sustainability Roadmap in line with the Medium-term Plan, H.U. 2025, that was announced in 2020. Following this roadmap, we advanced initiatives over three years to FY2022.

H.U. Group Sustainability Roadmap (from 2020 to 2022)

In FY2023, we announced a new Sustainability Roadmap that includes two-year targets for the period up to FY2024. We have been working to continue to enhance our sustainability activities.

Sustainability Roadmap

The boundary is to be the H.U. Group Holdings and the companies that make up the group's funded sales ratio of 95%.

Refer to the roadmaps of each subcommittee.

H.U. Group Long-Term Environmental Goals

The H.U. Group has been advancing initiatives to achieve long-term targets related to climate change and a recycling-oriented society, which were identified as material issues in the field of the environment based on the Paris Agreement and the Osaka Blue Ocean Vision.
For climate change, we have set the target of reducing our total CO2 emissions. For a recycling-oriented society, we have set the target of increasing our plastic recycling rate.
The sense of crisis about the increasingly serious issue of climate change has been growing globally. In response, the H.U. Group decided to be even more proactive in addressing this issue and announced revisions setting more ambitious targets in May 2023. Our FY2030 target has been revised to a 37.8% reduction of CO2 emissions (from the level in FY2021), and we are continuing to strive to accelerate our initiatives.

The H.U. Group Sustainability Committee, which is chaired by the H.U. Group Holdings CEO, discusses the Group's sustainability action plans. The committee monitors the progress of the action plans at each Group company and also gathers and shares information about the latest activities conducted by other companies. The committee also sets up subcommittees led by the division heads of related operations to execute the sustainability action plan.
Contents of discussion and resolutions made and passed by the committee are reported to the Board of Directors.

Promotion Structure for Sustainability

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