The H.U. Group’s mission is to serve public health and medical care by identifying the various messages sent by the human body using clinical testing and providing the outcome to healthcare providers. Our greatest goal, as well as the cornerstone of our corporate responsibility, is to make sure that our employees are constantly aware of this responsibility to create a healthier and more prosperous society through our business. To be able to keep fulfilling this mission, I believe that the H.U. Group must drastically change itself.

Our business environment and the expectations of our stakeholders have been changing considerably. Medical advances in gene therapy, including cancer genomics, and regenerative medicine are developing at a rapid pace. Our clinical testing will naturally have to keep up with these developments. In the world of new medical fields, we ourselves must also evolve so that we can continue to offer value as a Group. And it is not only medical care that has changed. Society’s expectations, awareness and attitudes have been changing significantly.

One of our projects symbolizing the creation of new value in healthcare written in our Mission is the H.U. Group Research Institute, established in 2017. The institute’s goal is to produce the seeds for the next-generation businesses over the long term by focusing on basic research.
In June 2018, we also announced the plans for a new central laboratory dedicated to innovation. This facility is not intended to be just another laboratory with improvements. We want to fundamentally overturn the way testing have been conducted so far by aggressively introducing AI technology and automation to reduce turnaround time (TAT) and human error, as well as enhance the quality of testing. We also plan to set up an R&D annex to nurture R&D work that will generate the seeds of our future businesses. To prevent downtime in our clinical testing, we will take measures to ensure business continuity in the event of earthquakes by using a base-isolated structure for the building itself.

Ultimately, the key to transformation is people. We are now concentrating our efforts on intangible reforms to change the awareness and behavior of our employees.
Instead of sticking to our old ways of doing business, working in silos within our companies and resting on our successes, we need to take risks and initiate change, and to commend both taking on difficult challenges and success. For such corporate culture to take root, I believe that our fundamental approach to Sustainability ― to respond to medical care and healthcare needs and exceed customer expectations, and to gain and maintain trust from all stakeholders ― plays an important role. That is why we have incorporated all these in our Value, which was established in 2017. Rather than fear change, I want our people to enjoy it and take steps toward new directions. The H.U. Group will once again work together to create new value in healthcare.