H.U. Group

Group Philosophy

Create new value in healthcare and thereby contribute to human health and the future of medical care.

With our deep involvement in human health, we aim to be a group that contributes to the development of healthcare through trust and innovation.

Customer Centricity

  • Respond to medical care and healthcare needs, exceed customer expectations

Creation of New Value

  • Strive for global value creation first and foremost; take risks to challenge and innovate
  • Think and execute with global perspective
  • Lead with result-orientation, speed and efficiency

Sincerity and Trust

  • Be sincere and trustworthy, act with transparency
  • Communicate openly and constructively, beyond the boundaries
  • Gain and maintain trust from all stakeholders

Mutual Respect

  • Respect diverse values, experience, expertise and teamwork
  • Praise and celebrate challenges and successes
  • Grow and help others to grow