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Corporate Governance

We in the H.U. Group bring about greater managerial efficiency based on our stated Mission to "Create new value in healthcare and thereby contribute to human health and the future of medical care," along with our Vision and Values. We fully recognize the vital importance of cooperation encompassing a wide range of stakeholders both inside and outside the Group. Accordingly, we are committed to the establishment of a corporate governance structure that encourages greater managerial transparency and accelerates proper decision-making.

We fully recognize the importance of strong and thorough corporate governance, and are committed to the establishment of a governance structure that encourages greater transparency and accelerates proper decision-making at all levels of oversight, management and operation.

We adopted a "company with committees" Japanese corporate governance system on June 27, 2005, with the aim of achieving clear separation of oversight and executive functions, while establishing an implementation structure capable of making decisions with greater speed and enhancing oversight of Group companies. In accordance with laws and ordinances, we have established three committees: the Nominating, Audit and Compensation committees.

At the Board of Directors meetings, board members receive reports from each committee and from the executive officers providing information on current corporate operations and target management achievements. The Board of Directors is thus able to provide timely comprehension and oversight of corporate management information. Among the nine members of the Board of Directors, seven are outside directors, each of whom is recognized as a leader in his or her respective field.

Corporate Governance Structure