Investor Relations

IR Policy

H.U. Group Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter "the Company") is committed to timely, accurate and fair disclosure of information regarding its management strategy, financial position and other corporate information. The Company promotes opportunities to communicate with its shareholders and investors through proper information disclosure. The Company's goals in disclosing corporate information are to enhance management transparency, additionally to earn the trust of its shareholders and receive proper evaluation from them.

The Company promptly discloses corporate information in accordance with Japanese Corporation Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other regulations, as well as rules enforced by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., (“Timely Disclosure Rules”). In addition, the Company discloses corporate information not required by the Timely Disclosure Rules, in order to assist its shareholders and investors to better understand the Company.

The information required by the Timely Disclosure Rules, is released through TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc., in conformity with the same rules, and the same information is provided as quickly as possible on the corporate website after the release over TD-NET. In addition, consideration is given to providing information not required by the Timely Disclosure Rules to its shareholders and investors in a timely, fair and accurate manner.

The Company rigorously promotes its IR Policy throughout the entire company and continues to develop internal systems to disclose timely and accurate information.

The Company has established a “quiet period” from the day after the closing date of each quarter until the release of earnings statements. During this period, its executives and employees refrain from providing comments and responses to inquiries related to business results, outlooks or predictions. However, during the quiet period if any matter should emerge that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company will comply with the rules and disclose the required information.

Items, such as plans, forecasts, and business targets that are released by the Company or posted on its corporate website and that are not historical facts, are based on decisions and assumptions made by the company in taking into consideration the information available at that time. Actual results may vary from these items due to various factors.

In separate meetings with institutional investors, analysts, and others, the Company only makes mention of facts that have already been publicly disclosed, widely known facts, and information on the general business environment.

The Company does not support any comments, performance forecasts, or other statements made about the Company by third parties. However, when the Company adjudges the information by third parties to contain clear errors that have a significant impact on the capital markets, the Company does disseminate information to correct errors or convey accurate information.