H.U. Group

Top Message

“Healthcare for You”
We face each and every person to provide optimal healthcare to everyone.

The medical environment in Japan is changing rapidly. Reducing medical expenses in an aging society is an urgent issue, and preventive care and nursing care are expected to become more important. On the other hand, the utilization of AI and big data, as well as the development of regenerative medicine and other new medical technologies, will change the medical concept itself.

Previously, our Group operated primarily within the framework of public insurance with the major pillars of clinical laboratory testing service and manufacturing and sales of diagnostic products. However, in anticipation of changes in our environment and in search of new value we can provide, we decided to expand our business domain to include healthcare. Accordingly, on July 1, 2020, we changed our company name to H.U. Group Holdings. “H.U.” in the new company name represents “Healthcare for You.”

We believe that our desire to provide optimal healthcare to everyone is the new value we can strive to achieve thanks to the experience and trust we have built. Please look forward to seeing us as an innovator in healthcare.