Our Business

HS (Healthcare-related Services)

Nihon Stery specializes in in-house sterilization at the central supply rooms in hospitals and external sterilization at the Sterilization Centers (eight domestic centers). We also offer a range of other services, including operating room support, endoscopy room support, medical equipment maintenance and inspection, and logistics management and transportation services. By providing total support for important tasks related to hospital administration work, including the sale of medical equipment, supplies, and consumables related to central supply rooms and operating rooms, we not only enhance operational efficiency and leverage economies of scale but also contribute to creating an environment where physicians and nurses can focus on medical treatment.
As a medical partner, we are continuously striving to meet the diverse needs of rapidly evolving healthcare institutions. To that end, we focus on human resource development, quality improvement activities, and business development to form a group of professional technicians who can respond to the latest medical needs and provide highly specialized technical skills and solutions.

At Care’x Inc., we provide bulk rentals of nursing care equipment, supplying equipment such as wheelchairs and nursing beds through designated nursing care equipment rental businesses. In order to support the safety and security of users, we propose and provide nursing care equipment tailored to each individual’s needs and conduct thorough quality management for cleaning, disinfection, and preparation work.

“I want to be true to myself and live in familiar surroundings.” In response to such needs, Care’x provides home medical care and nursing services. We provide total support for users, with a focus on homevisit nursing, where nurses visit individuals’ homes to provide various types of care. We also offer in-home care support and operate home nursing care services. In recent years, we have started expanding our services to meet the growing demand for more comprehensive care, including services not covered by insurance.

At Nihon Stery, we have established a quality management system at the Sterilization Center in order to provide high-quality service and improve our work’s traceability and transparency.

Acquisition date Certification Target facility
2003 ISO 9001:2015 Yamato Center, Hinode Center