Our Business

LTS (Lab Testing and its related Services)

At SRL, we are entrusted with over 200,000 laboratory tests from medical institutions nationwide every day. To be able to deliver the test results quickly and accurately, we have improved our collection system and developed proprietary technologies including specimen collec tion boxes according to the storage temperature and laboratory automation. We were quick to establish an entrustment system for COVID-19 related tests as well. We provide complete testing services which contribute to local healthcare through our regional laboratories across the country and our network of sales offices.

With the increase in healthcare sophistication, we have taken the lead in implementing testing ser vices for advanced medical care, including companion diagnostics-related tests and genome analysis, which are necessary for precision medicine (customized/optimized healthcare based on the patient’s genetic information).

Utilizing expertise and advanced technology developed over 30 years of fully supporting clinical trials and tests, as well as a domestic and global network, we offer comprehensive support for clinical trials and research. The precision of the tests, as well as services such as pre-trial setup work, specimen collection and transport, measuring, result reports, and data management, offered with consistent traceability and are of the highest quality.

With regard to in-group coordination with the CRO (Contract Research Organization), we also offer total support for clinical trials and research from start to finish.

By promot ing DX, we are aiming to enrich solutions for client companies and consumers. With the combined strength of our Group companies developing unique businesses, such as Ishinban, which provides a digital platform for healthcare/medical ser vices and H.U. Wellness, which aims to deliver the most suitable healthcare solutions for people of all ages, we will provide new services that combine healthcare and ICT.