Our Efforts for the
COVID-19 Prevention

The Mission of H.U. Group under the
COVID-19 Pandemic.

Fight against

Healthcare professionals at the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 are confronting this unknown disease while facing the risk of infection every day on top of the challenging environment of continuous shortages of medical resources, hospital beds, and human resources.

In addition, public health centers and other government agencies struggle every day with limited human resources to respond to inquiries at consultation centers, assign patients with COVID-19 to facilities for hospitalization or isolation, and conduct epidemiological surveys.

Fighting against COVID-19

Fight against the fear of unknown viruses

Some patients with COVID-19 worry about whether they will be forced to stay at home rather than being hospitalized or whether they will be able to receive proper medical care.

Even though the COVID-19 test shows negative results, some people are still overwhelmed by the impact it has on their daily lives, including changes to their business activities and restrictions to visiting loved ones as a result of the voluntary restraints on activities under the declaration of state of emergency.

Fighting against the fear of unknown viruses

We support the community with testing

We have been engaging in clinical laboratory testing. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, we support those fighting at the front lines of the pandemic with the heavy responsibility of providing them with testing. We hope our efforts lead to reducing the anxiety levels of healthcare professionals as well as the general public.

In order to support people who are confronting both the Japan and global pandemics, the H.U. Group is taking efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the early stage of its spread by mobilizing our technologies, improving and expanding PCR testing, and developing and stably supplying various antigen and antibody tests.

We will continue taking our efforts for the fight against COVID-19.

We support the community with testing
Let’s get it right! Understanding the COVID-19 testingLet’s get it right! Understanding the COVID-19 testing

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