CSR at the H.U. Group

Our Approach to CSR

The H.U. Group Management Philosophy consists of three main declarations; Mission, Vision and Value. We believe we can fulfill our CSR through our business activities, which we base on our management philosophy. By means of this framework, we create strong relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, engaging in initiatives to solve social issues through our business activities.

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Promotion Structure for CSR

The H.U. Group CSR Committee, which is chaired by the H.U. Group Holdings CEO, discusses the Group’s basic CSR policy and CSR action plans. The committee monitors the progress of the action plans at each Group company and also gathers and shares information about the latest activities conducted by other companies. The committee also sets up subcommittees led by the division heads of related operations to execute the CSR action plan.

Promotion Structure for CSR

Policies on each section

CSR Document architecture

CSR Document architecture


Environmental Policy

The H.U. Group recognizes the connection between diverse business characteristics and the environment. We engage in environmental preservation, contributing to a sustainable society.

  1. We strive for environmentally friendly business activities, providing services and products to society that are friendly to both people and the environment.
  2. We engage in energy and resource conservation, the proper control of chemicals, reduced waste, recycling, and protection of water resources, striving to prevent environmental pollution.
  3. We comply with laws, regulations, and agreements on the environment. We also strive for ongoing improvements in our environmental management systems and environmental performance.
  4. We communicate our environmental policies and other environmental initiatives to employees and all others involved in our business activities. We also disclose these policies and initiatives externally.

Human Rights & Human Resources

Human Rights Policy

The H.U. Group respects internationally recognized human rights. We pursue initiatives that reflect our belief in respecting the human rights of all people involved in our business and in taking responsibility to protect the rights of workers.

  1. We respect human rights and do our utmost to avoid and reduce any negative impact on human rights in all processes related to group activities.
  2. We never discriminate unfairly on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, origin, nationality, race, color of skin, presence or absence of disability, religion, or political beliefs.
  3. We comply with labor laws and regulations related to employment, wages, and other matters related to working conditions in the countries in which we conduct business.
  4. We forbid child labor, forced labor, or human trafficking of any type.
  5. We will work to remedy the situation through appropriate internal and external procedures if it becomes clear that the H.U. Group has caused or contributed to a negative impact on human rights.
  6. We provide appropriate education and enlightenment to ensure this policy is incorporated into all activities of the H.U. Group.
Diversity Policy

The H.U. Group promotes diversity to strengthen ongoing corporate growth and global competitiveness in a society of declining birthrates, aging populations, and rapid globalization. We give rise to innovation and create new value as each individual in our diverse base of human resources maximizes their skills, contributing to our corporate activities.

  1. We create systems that provide career path support and reward employees according to their contributions to ensure every employee can express their full potential, regardless of personality or personal attributes.
  2. We will provide an environment that hires, promotes to management, improves rates of return from childcare leave, and engages in other measures to encourage women to work longer careers within the H.U. Group to create a society in which women can express their individuality and demonstrate their abilities (promoting women’s participation and advancement).
  3. We engage in creating rewarding work for people with disabilities, actively hiring such individuals and providing a comfortable working environment that respects individuality.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy

To embody the corporate philosophy of the H.U. Group, we must provide employees with an environment in which they can participate in a healthy and active manner. We create work environments that incorporate considerations of labor, safety, and hygiene, resulting in workplaces in which our people can work comfortably and with peace of mind.

  1. We comply with relevant laws and regulations, as well as internal rules, concerning occupational health and safety.
  2. We have established a health and safety system to ensure a healthy working environment in which employees can work safely and securely.
  3. We pursue measures against the risk of dangers and hazards, including disasters, accidents, and infectious diseases. We respond promptly to any occurrence, and we implement detailed measures to prevent recurrence.
  4. We continue to enhance and strengthen workplace accident prevention education for employees to ensure compliance with the preceding policies.
Training and Development Policy

The H.U. Group believes that individual employee development is the most critical element in the group’s sustainable growth and ongoing contribution to society. We foster a culture that encourages employees to engage actively in developing their own skills. We also support employee growth by providing many opportunities to learn and gain experience through work.

  1. We offer group training, e-learning, and remote education to creating and support strategic learning opportunities for our employees. In this way, we encourage the development of skills through daily work activities.
  2. We expand the potential of each employee through regular internal recruitment and job rotations by which employees take on new challenges and growth.
  3. We provide opportunities for managers to lead our transformation as a company by developing skills through management training—designed to strengthen the management-related skills that form the foundation of corporate transformation—and serving in assignments to key positions within the group.


Procurement Policy

The H.U. Group engages in fair, stable, and sustainable procurement in order to contribute to human health through the creation of new value. We value our relationship with suppliers, pursuing the following basic approach to procurement in establishing mutual trust.

  1. We comply with the laws and social norms of every country in which we conduct business, striving to engage in procurement activities that consider respect for basic human rights, labor environments, occupational health and safety, child labor, and other related factors.
  2. We provide opportunities for free and transparent procurement with suppliers around the world, working to improve our competitive capabilities through active due diligence, including procurement from new business partners.
  3. We procure from excellent, highly trustworthy suppliers, selected based on a comprehensive list of factors including quality, price, delivery, technological capacity, CSR/EMS initiatives, business continuity, local procurement, and other factors.
Basic Policy on Business Partner Selection

The H.U. Group selects excellent business partners based on our procurement policy and through the following assumed conditions.

  1. Compliance with laws, basic human rights, and corporate ethics in every country in which the entity conducts business activities
  2. Stable, healthy business infrastructure
  3. Quality, pricing, delivery are at appropriate levels and based on rational economics
  4. Compliance with non-disclosure agreements
  5. Ongoing activities that consider environmental preservation
  6. Capable of uninterrupted delivery activities, even in emergency situations

The H.U. Group translated those policies into three languages and guides them to our suppliers.


Philanthropy Policy

The H.U. Group promotes philanthropy that creates a healthy and prosperous society and goes beyond our business domain. We will effectively utilize available resources and serve as a member of the global community while continuously disclosing our outcomes quantitatively and qualitatively.

  1. We aim to resolve social issues on health, human resources, the environment, local communities and disasters, in collaboration with NPOs, patients associations and other organizations advancing innovative activities. We address care-related issues over the long term in particular.
  2. We offer various support programs and seek to run them effectively so that the voluntary involvement of employees in philanthropic activities leads to their personal growth and sense of fulfillment and pride as a group employee.
  3. We strive to create novel ideas that merge the knowledge and issue awareness gained through philanthropic activities and the technological expertise cultivated through our business, and to develop philanthropic programs that leverage the various skills and problem awareness of each employee, to continually redefine our corporate identity.


Communication Policy

The H.U. Group communicates our Group Management Philosophy, approach, and activities to a wide range of stakeholders through ongoing engagement. We believe that understanding and reflecting the demands and expectations of society in our corporate activities are important element of sustainable corporate value improvement.

  1. We pursue dialogues with a wide range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, local communities, government, and media.
  2. We disclose information in a timely, fair, and accurate manner.
  3. We engage actively and willingly with stakeholders to understand their demands and expectations of the H.U. Group.


BCP Policy

The H.U. Group provides testing-related products and services critical to medical care. Given the nature of our business, we have formulated business continuity plans designed to ensure ongoing operations and quick recovery for important business activities in response to unforeseen circumstances.

  1. We do our utmost to ensure the safety and security of the lives and physical health of our employees and their families.
  2. We strive for the trust and good faith of our customers through the continuity and quick recovery of critical business activities.
  3. We have established and continue to update a system capable of delivering products and services, even in times of disaster or other emergency.