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Clinical Laboratory Testing

Clinical Laboratory Testing

Our Clinical Laboratory Testing Business consists of the Clinical Laboratory Testing Business and the Clinical Trials-Related Business. Our Clinical Laboratory Testing Business receives patient samples from medical institutions (mainly hospitals and clinics) for testing via advanced technology and quality assurance systems, and we report the results of tests back to the institution. Our Clinical Trials Business supports pharmaceutical research and development across the globe.

Japan’s top technology and nationwide network

With a focus on esoteric testing since the establishment in 1970, SRL has expanded its market share particularly in university and national hospitals across the nation. Delivering services to leading clinicians and key opinion leaders enables the company continuously to culture and maintain the advanced technology and academic knowledge, and to build up a system to meet their needs. The company also offers in-house laboratory management services to hospitals, successfully strengthening the relation with its customers.

Japan Clinical Laboratories, HOKUSHIN Clinical Laboratory and SRL Kitakanto Laboratory Inc. meanwhile emphasize primarily on general and emergency testing to serve as regional commercial laboratories ful?lling the needs of community healthcare.

Nationwide Laboratory Network

SRL collects specimens from medical institutions all over the country and conducts esoteric testing at the company’s laboratory complex in Hachioji, Tokyo. With its laboratories located in the key regions as well as its integrated logistic system, the company can deliver quick reports on general testing and faster turn-around-time on esoteric testing. As the country’s largest commercial laboratory, it has established the platform that covers all types of clinical laboratory testing services, both general and emergency testing and esoteric and research testing.

The esoteric testing services cover a wide range of areas including endocrinology, oncology, plasma protein disorders, virology, immunoserology, immunohematology, blood coagulation system, biochemistry, drug analysis, genetics, human leukocyte antigen (HLA), cellular immunity, pathology, cytodiagnosis, and other medical scientific analysis.

Along with the advancement of medical technologies in recent years, SRL has introduced front-line testing services such as companion diagnostics tests and genome analysis ahead of its competitors and proactively seeks for further opportunity to expand the business.

The company currently carries out more than 200,000 tests daily on samples collected from medical institutions nationwide. To secure the accuracy of test results and the reporting time, SRL adapts its original sample collection box with compartmented storage temperatures and in-house developed laboratory automation system.

Breakdown of clinical testing

Clinical Trials Testing Business

Supporting Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Clinical Trials Testing Business

We provide comprehensive support for clinical trials and clinical research through nearly 30 years of experience and success in the full support of clinical trials testing, leveraging specialist expertise, advanced technologies, and a global network in Asia and throughout the world.

In addition to accurate specimen testing, we offer other high-quality services and impeccable traceability, from setup prior to the start of clinical trials and collection of specimens to delivery to laboratories, measurements, results reporting and data management.

In cooperation with the H.U. Group CRO business, we provide end-to-end support clinical trials/research entry and exit.