Identifying Materiality

Definition of Materiality

Among assets that generate corporate value, intangible assets such as human resources, patents, expertise, and the brand are becoming increasingly important, not merely tangible assets including the production equipment to expand production and the facilities to conduct high-efficiency inspections. The H.U. Group’s definition of materiality as those elements that impact the creation of corporate value in the medium term covers general intangible assets including customer assets, intellectual property, and the brand, going beyond the standpoint of environment, society and governance (ESG).

Steps for Identification

Based on the materiality established in fiscal 2018 and mainly taking into account ISO 26000 and GRI Standards, we evaluated the priority from the perspective of our stakeholders in accordance with our new medium-term plan, which addresses changes in the business environment.
Our management engaged in discussions accordingly and, following approval by the President and Group CEO, we disclosed our new materiality in this integrated report.

Steps for Identification and Results of Selection

Conceptual diagram