Human Rights & Human Resources

Basic Approach

The H.U. Group promotes the development of an organizational culture that is diverse, healthy, and active, and carries out human-centric activities based on its Human Rights Policy, Diversity Policy, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, and Training and Development Policy.

Human Rights Policy

The H.U. Group respects internationally recognized human rights. We pursue initiatives that reflect our belief in respecting the human rights of all people involved in our business and in taking responsibility to protect the rights of workers.

  1. We respect human rights and do our utmost to avoid and reduce any negative impact on human rights in all processes related to group activities.
  2. We never discriminate unfairly on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, origin, nationality, race, color of skin, presence or absence of disability, religion, or political beliefs.
  3. We comply with labor laws and regulations related to employment, wages, and other matters related to working conditions in the countries in which we conduct business.
  4. We forbid child labor, forced labor, or human trafficking of any type.
  5. We will work to remedy the situation through appropriate internal and external procedures if it becomes clear that the H.U. Group has caused or contributed to a negative impact on human rights.
  6. We provide appropriate education and enlightenment to ensure this policy is incorporated into all activities of the H.U. Group.
Diversity Policy

The H.U. Group promotes diversity to strengthen ongoing corporate growth and global competitiveness in a society of declining birthrates, aging populations, and rapid globalization. We give rise to innovation and create new value as each individual in our diverse base of human resources maximizes their skills, contributing to our corporate activities.

  1. We create systems that provide career path support and reward employees according to their contributions to ensure every employee can express their full potential, regardless of personality or personal attributes.
  2. We will provide an environment that hires, promotes to management, improves rates of return from childcare leave, and engages in other measures to encourage women to work longer careers within the H.U. Group to create a society in which women can express their individuality and demonstrate their abilities (promoting women's participation and advancement).
  3. We engage in creating rewarding work for people with disabilities, actively hiring such individuals and providing a comfortable working environment that respects individuality.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy

To embody the corporate philosophy of the H.U. Group, we must provide employees with an environment in which they can participate in a healthy and active manner. We create work environments that incorporate considerations of labor, safety, and hygiene, resulting in workplaces in which our people can work comfortably and with peace of mind.

  1. We comply with relevant laws and regulations, as well as internal rules, concerning occupational health and safety.
  2. We have established a health and safety system to ensure a healthy working environment in which employees can work safely and securely.
  3. We pursue measures against the risk of dangers and hazards, including disasters, accidents, and infectious diseases. We respond promptly to any occurrence, and we implement detailed measures to prevent recurrence.
  4. We continue to enhance and strengthen workplace accident prevention education for employees to ensure compliance with the preceding policies.
Training and Development Policy

The H.U. Group believes that individual employee development is the most critical element in the group's sustainable growth and ongoing contribution to society. We foster a culture that encourages employees to engage actively in developing their own skills. We also support employee growth by providing many opportunities to learn and gain experience through work.

  1. We offer group training, e-learning, and remote education to creating and support strategic learning opportunities for our employees. In this way, we encourage the development of skills through daily work activities.
  2. We expand the potential of each employee through regular internal recruitment and job rotations by which employees take on new challenges and growth.
  3. We provide opportunities for managers to lead our transformation as a company by developing skills through management training-designed to strengthen the management-related skills that form the foundation of corporate transformation-and serving in assignments to key positions within the group.


The Human Rights & Human Resources Subcommittee, managed by the Vice division head of Human Resources at H.U. Group Holdings as its main driver, promotes activities linked to various policies. In addition to the Human Rights & Human Resources Subcommittee, we have established a Health and Safety Committee and Health Management Promotion Structure, and will regularly monitor the progress of these activity plans and their results, striving to act and take corrective action going forward.

The Central Health and Safety Committee at Company headquarters identifies activity reports, urgent issues, and important company-wide promotion issues at each business site, sets semi-annual health and safety targets, and improves and refines the environment through the PDCA cycle.

Health and Safety Committee
System diagram of Health and Safety Committee


We have created KPIs covering the respective areas of the Human Rights Policy, Diversity Policy, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, and Training and Development Policy, and are working to achieve our three-year targets.

Human Rights & Human Resources CSR Roadmap (Three-year Targets)
KPI Performance Forecast Tagrget
Major Category Subcategory Item unit 2016 2017 2018 Target Actual 2020 2021 2022
Compliance with labor-related laws and human rights in the countries and regions where business is conducted Violation of labor condition laws and regulations - Cases 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Forced labor / child labor Number of forced labor reports Cases 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Number of child labor reports Cases 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Promotion of work-life balance Promotion of taking paid leave Rate of paid leave taken % 44.5 43.4 44.0 60 60.1 60 65 70
Average overtime hours per month - Hours 17.8 21.5 19.0 10 20.7 10 5 5
Diversity promotion status Percentage of persons with disabilities hired - % 2.20 2.01 1.97 2.20 1.86 2.2 2.3 2.3
Percentage of female managers Percentage at section chief or above % 10.0 11.8 14.1 15 14.2 15 18 20
Status of Kurumin certification acquisition promotion Female employees taking maternity leave People 66 66 84 170 173 170 185 200
Percentage of female employees returning to work after maternity leave % 100 100 90.6 100 96.8 100 100 100
Engagement survey promotion Response rate - % - - - Figures
80% - 90%+ -
Promotion status of human resources development Average annual training time per employee Total time for group training, e-learning, distance education, Hours - etc. Hours - - 11 15 7.8 15 20 25
Health management Acquisition of White 500 status - - - - - - - - - Acquired


Human Rights

In addition to its Human Rights Policy, the H.U. Group has established the item (1) Respect for Human Rights in Section 4, Relationship with Society in its Code of Conduct, which states, The H.U. Group will respect internationally recognized human rights. H.U. will respect the rights of all persons involved in the business activities of the H.U. Group and make its best efforts to ensure that such rights will not be infringed upon. This is in accordance with the stipulations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which says that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and with the United Nations' International Bill of Human Rights. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we clearly state that discrimination, harassment, forced labor and child labor are prohibited in order to ensure a higher level of effectiveness, and we are increasing awareness among employees through various training programs. In March 2019, we participated in the United Nations Global Compact and made clear our corporate stance on the 10 principles covering Human Rights, Labour, Environment, ant Anti-Corruption.


In addition to its Diversity Policy, the H.U. Group advocates respect for diverse values under the Mutual Respect section of the Values and Traits under its Group Philosophy system, ensuring diverse human resources regardless of nationality, age, or gender. Employees range in age from the late teens to the late 60s, and many new graduates hired in recent years are women. Furthermore, we are focusing on promoting the success of women, setting a high ratio of female managers and those returning to work after childcare leave, and otherwise developing measures to create an environment in which more women can play active roles. In June 2019, we were selected as a component stock of the MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index (WIN).
In April 2019, we established H.U. Cast, which has been certified as a specified subsidiary, providing a place to demonstrate a variety of personalities, and we are gradually expanding our business to promote the employment of people with disabilities.

Image of Diversity 1
Image of Diversity 2
Occupational Health and Safety

The H.U. Group, prioritizing labor, safety, and hygiene, has established the Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Based on this guideline, we formulate an annual Occupational Health and Safety Plan. In 2019, we have codified our position as a corporation oriented toward health in our Health Declaration, and in 2020 we established the Health Management Promotion Office, further strengthening our initiatives in health management.

* Please refer to this link for more on health management.

Health and productivity 2020 logo

In Japan, based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act, safety and health committees have been set up at each base with 50 or more employees, and representatives of the company and the labor union hold regular discussions on occupational health and safety. In addition, in collaboration with health insurance associations, we are also working to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of our employees.

Training and Development

The H.U. Group clearly states in its Training and Development Policy that individual employee development is the most critical element in the group's sustainable growth and ongoing contribution to society. It can be said that securing and training superior and highly specialized human resources is the basis for our doing business. However, many issues are present related to human resources, such as skills transfers and labor shortages due to the declining working population. With this context, the entire Group is exploring various measures, such as talent reviews, training for manager cultivation, and training for improving specializations at operating companies. We are also focusing our efforts on promoting work style reforms so that diverse human resources can play an active role.

In 2020, we applied for the Platinum Career Award sponsored by Toyo Keizai, ranking in 73rd place out of 353 companies.

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