Basic Approach

As explicitly stated in our BCP Policy, given that the H.U. Group provides testing-centric products and services critical to medical care, we have formulated and strive toward company-wide business continuity plans designed to ensure ongoing operations and quick recovery for important business activities even under unforeseen circumstances.

BCP Policy

The H.U. Group provides testing-related products and services critical to medical care. Given the nature of our business, we have formulated business continuity plans designed to ensure ongoing operations and quick recovery for important business activities in response to unforeseen circumstances.

  1. We do our utmost to ensure the safety and security of the lives and physical health of our employees and their families.
  2. We strive for the trust and good faith of our customers through the continuity and quick recovery of critical business activities.
  3. We have established and continue to update a system capable of delivering products and services, even in times of disaster or other emergency.

Image of Guideline for business continuity
Source: Guideline for business continuity, 1st edition by Cabinet Office, Government of Japan (Japanese) (2005)


The BCP Subcommittee, managed by an Executive Officer/ division head of General Affairs from H.U. Group Holdings as its main driver, supervises BCP operations and management across the entire Group in cooperation with Executive Officers and General Managers in charge of General Affairs at individual companies, and others. It strives to act and take corrective action going forward through regular training.

System diagram of BCP

Initiative Details

Building a Business Continuity System

Given our mission in society to ensure uninterrupted acceptance of testing, a part of social infrastructure, we have constructed a business continuity system. We have targeted the construction of an important base resilient to disasters in the new Central Laboratory, a facility of our clinical laboratory testing business which is to be opened in 2022, to operate 24 hours a day thanks to vibration-isolating construction and full automation.
We are continuously maintaining and reviewing our BCP and conducting regular training, with presumed risks including natural disasters, emerging infectious diseases, terrorist acts, accidents, and other events that physically threaten human life, damage management resources, and cause business suspension or deterioration of functionality.

Image of the new Central Laboratory
Improvement of Business Continuity Procedures

In our BCP document, we set business continuity procedures based on the target recovery time/level, requires resources, and continuity/alternative procedures of each company's priority businesses, striving to ensure the effectiveness of business continuity. In addition, we carry out training that makes full use of various scenarios and make careful preparations in taking all possible measures.

Response to COVID-19

We promptly implemented infection prevention measures, including taking action in accordance with the situation in each country, recommending telecommuting, and more. We have secured a business continuity system by thoroughly preventing infections in inspection and collection operations.